Posted on March, 1, 2017

Written by Arindam , Developer, Amsterdam

Posted in Technology

As the world continues to explore the expansive potential of technology, DevOps’ role in the work of software engineers, developers and technologists grows increasingly important. Software engineers should be looking at DevOps to aid their development process and their procedures for deploying the applications and services they create. Collaboration across disciplines helps us to ensure our processes are simple to implement, our products function seamlessly, and any problems are easily solved. 

DevOps Amsterdam is a prominent local initiative that advocates collaboration and knowledge-share between developers and IT operations through Devopsdays and Meetup groups. I approached one of the organisers, Thomas Kraag, about hosting a DevOps Meetup at IMC. It was an opportunity for us to network with people from outside our industry, hear the insights of DevOps experts, and share stories of how we navigate the opportunities and challenges our developers face.

At the Meetup, we heard from Joost Heijkoop, a consultant working for Xebia at DHL, and David May from Cloudyn. Their presentations prompted a lot of questions and inspired a lot of discussion amongst us, and it was easy to see how the conversation about techniques used by other technologists related to our work at IMC.

 It was reassuring to note that we are on the right track in our approach to DevOps at IMC. We use most of the technologies people talked about. However, we might not be making the most of our resources. We have an opportunity to look into our hardware and cloud resources, and how we can optimise them.

 The future of DevOps, technologists and the companies who rely on them can only benefit from a rich knowledge-sharing culture. Events like the DevOps Meetup facilitate the demonstration and discussion of techniques used by others to solve the challenges many of us face on a daily basis. With our international community and the diverse perspectives of our people, we have a great opportunity at IMC to foster a culture of sharing and collaboration within our network.