Posted on March, 11, 2019

Each day at IMC is different but the people we look for are the same. Our graduates are curious, smart, driven and relish exciting challenges. Audi, one of our Graduate Traders in Sydney, spoke to us about his role and work at our Australian office.


Meet Audi


My name is Audi, and I studied a Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance (honours) at the University of Wollongong, graduating in 2016.

While I was still at university, I meet the IMC team at a career fair. I applied for the graduate scheme after meeting them and I was able to get a graduate position in the Sydney office.


Monday to Friday at IMC

The market is always changing, which means no two days are the same at IMC.

As a high-frequency trading firm, we use powerful computers to conduct a high volume of trades at a very fast pace.

I’m a trader within the APAC team, which is lucky for me because your trading hours depend on the market you trade in. Being in this team means that my days can run to a pretty normal schedule. After eating breakfast at the office, I get busy with my operational setup. This includes reviewing the news, overnight events and making sure we are ready for when the market opens.

Once the market is open, I spend my time scanning trades and keeping an eye on what is happening in the market to ensure trading is going positively. We do a lot of our analysis in tools written in Python, a coding language.

After the market is closed, we have a chance to assess our trading for the day. I’m responsible for sending out a daily summary to all of the Team Leads. This includes all of the information about our performance over the day.


Study your way to becoming a trader

If you want to work for IMC, you’ve got to study the right fields. As a firm, IMC looks for students who have a background within STEM. For trading roles, this is especially important to have a background in maths, physics or engineering.


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