Posted on March, 27, 2019

From Germany to sunny Sydney, Meghan has moved across the world to work at IMC. She’s been a Graduate Software Developer at IMC since 2018. We talked to Meghan about moving internationally for work.


Meet Meghan


I’m Meghan, a Graduate Software Developer. I grew up in a small city in Germany and lived there for most of my life. This is also where I studied and graduated in January 2018.

During my degree, I took part in an exchange program with UTS and studied in Australia for a year. During my exchange year, I did an internship at IMC and was offered a graduate position. I went back home to finish my degree and moved back to Sydney just after graduating. I’ve been working for IMC for 12 months.


What does a day at IMC look like for you?

My main responsibility is writing code to extend, maintain or fix parts of our system. I need to understand the trader’s requirements and our trading systems really well. If the traders need help with the system, it is also part of my responsibility to help them get things running smoothly again.

When I get to work in the morning, I make breakfast and check on what has happened overnight. We're a global company so there could be a lot of code changes overnight. The rest of my day is then spent writing and reviewing code.

I often have to collaborate with traders to understand how they are planning on using a new feature or their issues with the current set up.

Once I am done writing and testing code, my colleagues will review my work and make sure I didn’t miss anything important. This gives me confidence when pushing changes live that directly impact our trading systems. In return, I also spend some time of my day reviewing the code of colleagues.

Once we’re happy with the changes, I ask a trader to try them out and make sure they work as expected before releasing them to our production systems.


Becoming a software developer

I think that successful software developers are curious by nature. Especially at IMC, where we use many different technologies and we’re always looking to try something new and improve what we’re doing.

Because we don’t have any external customers, there’s a quick feedback loop and traders start using new features very quickly.

We get a lot of responsibility early on to make decisions and help out when there are issues.

If you want to work at IMC, you have to work hard and smart. I think there is a lot to learn from collaborating with different people.



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