Posted on November, 14, 2016

Written by Ben , Software Engineer, Sydney

Posted in Technology

A Software Engineer at IMC for almost 7 years, Ben is used to thinking on his feet and innovating to tackle challenges head on. So when he identified an opportunity to make life easier for the entire global workforce, it was one he just had to pursue.   

“We use different exchange data to tell us about the attributes of different products we’re trading,” Ben said. “The problem was, this data could only be read in one language, but not in others.” 

The challenge is in how IMC’s technology stacks interact globally. A Trader in Chicago should expect to be able to come up with a strategy and then have it used by another Trader in Amsterdam or Sydney

To solve this, Ben flew over to the Chicago office to collaborate with the team there, working closely with Amsterdam during the process. He and the team are conducting rapid prototyping sessions to find the solution, coming up with a hypothesis, then testing and deploying in a test environment to validate the solution.

 Working with the other offices is great, because everyone challenges each other on their ideas. It pushes us all to be better and that way we always end up at the best possible solution.”                

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