Posted on November, 14, 2016

Written by Pedro , Performance Engineer, Amsterdam

Posted in Trading

Our challenge is to engineer systems that operate with the lowest latency, i.e. the time a system takes to respond to input and transfer information. In our world, we’re talking nanoseconds – buying and selling at a speed that’s close to light.

Pedro Estrela is a performance engineer and IMC’s leading expert in time. His job was to improve the speed of trading. Breakthroughs in data storage have enabled Pedro to detect bottlenecks in our system and, using our global network to test his hypotheses, determine that existing methods of time measurement were not accurate enough for IMC.

Pedro’s research has had a ground-breaking impact on the way we synchronize clocks to measure and record time to achieve the accuracy needed for faster trading.

His leading-edge work in the field, which has resulted in an award-winning scientific paper, is only made possible by his passion for tackling real-life challenges that allow him to apply his skills and see him strive to optimize the latency of our systems more and more each day.