Posted on March, 9, 2017

Written by Brendan , Trader/Options Team Lead, Sydney

Posted in Careers

I’ve been a trader at IMC for twelve years now, and have had the opportunity to become a mentor to new hires here. My time with IMC has taken me around the world – I’m based in Sydney and spent four years working in Chicago – and I find it really rewarding to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences. It feels good, after guiding them through their first few months, to see the really interesting work they produce and know I played a role in their development.  

We are invested in making sure everyone gets the most out of their IMC experience. You get everything you need to succeed, and then it’s up to you to make use of that. You’re responsible for your learning and achievements, but there is always someone there to answer your questions and bounce ideas off.

There’s a lot to learn (and unlearn) here before people are ready to join a team and take on projects of their own. For graduates, it’s about the shift in attitude and approach from university to the workplace, and the skills training that gets them ready for real life trading and developing. For experienced hires, it’s about getting them familiar with how we do things at IMC, which is likely quite different to how things were done in their last job. 

As I said earlier, it’s a rewarding experience for mentors too. I’ve learned how to get the most out of different types of people, which is an important communication tool in this industry of diverse personalities. That’s been great for my personal and professional development. 

I think the best part of being a mentor is the first time you look at someone as you’re explaining what we do on a day-to-day basis, and you see this look on their face that says, ‘Wow. I’ve got one of the coolest jobs in the world.’ It’s the first time they really realize what work and life at IMC is like. It’s rewarding to be a part of that moment with them, and then to see them producing such interesting work twelve months later and to know you played a major role in helping them get there.