Posted on August, 10, 2018

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AMS-IX is an “ISP of the ISPs”, being one of a handful of top-level “meet-me” hubs of the global Internet. AMS-IX interconnects directly ISP top-level networks, BGP AS-numbers and a select number of the largest companies like Google/Facebook. To this audience of experts, Pedro explained the service market-makers like IMC provide to the Market, and then covered four topics, highlighting our requirements of today's networks:

  • a summary of the evolution of low-latency links, since pigeons were low-latency
  • network delay monitoring
  • PTPv2 clock sync robustness
  • our latest project that deploys the BGP protocol on every Top-of-the-Rack router (moving away from dangerous and inflexible L2 spanning-tree switching)


more-ip 2018 pedro estrela


Pedro's full presentation is now available at More-IP and we're proud to share it on his behalf! 


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