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Full-Time Traineeship

Want to know what it's like to be a full time employee?

When you start your full-time career with us, your first 6 weeks will be spent in one of our offices with all the new traders and developers from around the world.

Our in-house developed global trainee program will teach you everything you need to set you up for success in your full time career with a combination of classroom-based courses and simulations.

Once back in your home office, you’ll be paired with an experienced mentor who’ll help you thrive in the world of IMC, ensuring you continue to grow and be challenged in your career. Along with a competitive salary package we’ll ensure you have all the guidance you need to have an impact from day one.


Summer Internship

At IMC's summer internship you'll work on exciting projects and make a real difference to our business over the course of our 10-week tailored internship.

You’ll be assigned a mentor, given paid housing in the heart of Chicago, countless networking opportunities and competitive pay.

Campus recruitment process

Before you join the exciting world of IMC, you’ll need to go through our recruitment process. Here’s what you can expect…

Career Events

At IMC, we’re always looking for talented people to help take our business into an exciting future. Watch this space.