Options Wholesaling

What we do

IMC has been a market maker in US options for almost two decades. Since 2016, through an innovative partnership with a routing broker, we also provide liquidity and opportunity for price improvement to end user retail counterparties. This unique approach, which combines the recognized strengths of IMC as a liquidity provider together with a routing broker, has captured considerable market share by providing best-in-class price improvement.

Why work with us

  • Great best execution statistics.
  • Reliable partner that consistently provides liquidity and timely customer service.
  • Unique interaction model separates responsibilities between IMC’s liquidity provider role and the routing broker function, thereby combining our recognized strengths for the benefit of end user retail counterparties.

Frequently asked questions

You can directly contact us by connecting with one of our employees listed at the bottom of this page.

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Paul Jiganti
Managing Director Options Business Development