Pathfinder in advanced technology

Cutting-edge technology is at the heart of all we do. We put it to work in the markets that define our world. Across offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney and Mumbai, technologists and traders team up to explore, design and develop the software, hardware, advanced networks and algorithms that drive our trading strategies.

What is a market maker?

A market maker stands ready to buy or sell financial products at any time, facilitating the transfer of risk for market participants.

Our highly-automated systems and trading strategies ensure tighter ‘spreads’ between bid and offer prices, reducing transaction costs for buyers and sellers.

Our story

IMC was founded in 1989 by two traders working on the floor of the Amsterdam Equity Options Exchange.

While today’s industry is highly automated, back then trading was executed on the exchange floor by traders manually calculating the price to buy or sell. IMC was among the first to spot the importance of technology and innovation in the evolution of market making and invested early, helping shape the future of trading.

That entrepreneurial spirit and innovative culture still drives IMC, which stands for International Marketmaker’s Combination.

In 30 years we’ve grown internationally, trading primarily on the basis of data and algorithms, and using our execution platform to provide liquidity to financial markets globally.

A global leader in market making 

The future is full of opportunities. That’s why we continue to innovate and share ideas, expertise and systems across our offices, expanding into new markets and asset classes.




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Where cutting edge technology meets trading 

IMC is as much a technology firm as a trading house. We invest significant time and resources to ensure our traders have the best tools for the job. That means continually developing and innovating to improve productivity and performance for both traders and developers. By employing the best talent and providing an environment in which knowledge and skills can thrive, we bring value to the market.

The speed of our innovations is what keeps me excited, and IMC successful

Julien – Software Engineer

Risk and compliance

IMC’s risk and compliance infrastructure protects, supports and facilitates the firm’s strategy and is an integral part of our day-to-day operations. We have a sophisticated risk management framework and observe the highest standards of regulatory and voluntary compliance.  As our business evolves, and regulations change, we continuously invest in systems, structures and people in order to expand and enhance our controls and oversight.

We support resilient, well-regulated markets, designed to foster competitive and transparent markets. We believe in a level playing field and equal market access, and we proactively support initiatives that share our conviction. We are a founding member of FIA European Principal Traders Association, and a member of the FIA Principal Traders Group , Association of Proprietary Traders, STA Securities Traders Association, and SIFMA .


We support #WeAreMarketMakers. FIA EPTA's campaign to raise awareness about the importance of market makers in the financial markets.

Learn more about #WeAreMarketMakers

Annual Report 2023

In 2023, IMC continued to make progress toward its long-term goals. Across our offices, we took important steps to grow and diversify our business, but also to become a more sustainable company that has a positive impact on society.

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