Trading and gaming for charity

New record set! Our 2022 Trading and Gaming for Charity event was our most successful edition yet. On August 3rd, IMC Trading donated the full day’s profits to Room to Read—a nonprofit organization on a quest to create a world free from illiteracy. Starting in our Sydney office then moving through the time zones to Amsterdam and Chicago, our employees at IMC brought their A-game to the global floor for this noble cause.

 But it didn’t stop there…

We partnered with renowned esports organization—Team Liquid—for the second year in a row to host a 24-hour streamathon featuring some of the world’s best gamers. With children’s education at stake, they each played their best game live on Twitch to raise even more donations for the event.

A whopping $5.4 million USD was raised to help children in Tanzania and South Africa pursue a quality education. Previous contributions made by IMC have helped Room to Read fund 120 new school construction projects, publish over 100 children’s books in Swahili, and benefit 2,148,420 children with the life-changing gift of a strong education.

This incredible achievement from everybody at IMC took our annual event to another level. Special thanks to Team Liquid, as well as everyone who tuned in and donated throughout the day. A big shout-out goes to DeMusliM, Lourlo, BananaSlamJamma, MaNa, Elazer, Bunnyhoppor, Kurumx, and SunBaconRelaxer for their super fun streams.

Stay tuned for Trading and Gaming for Charity 2023 :)

Trading & Gaming for Charity 2022 Recap