What we do

IMC Crypto is a team trading spot, perps, futures and options both on-chain and off-chain. We are very actively trading on the major centralized exchanges while continuously adding more venues to our portfolio.

Our cutting-edge technology drives everything we do. High-performance algorithms and smart strategies allow our team to efficiently scale across many markets globally. We strive to use the most appropriate tools for the tasks at hand, aiming to strike a balance between getting things done and the long-term maintainability of the code base and supporting infrastructure.

We are currently trading an average of USD 3 billion per day and providing liquidity in hundreds of pairs.

Is there a token, exchange or protocol you think we should look at? Contact us for an exploratory call to discuss collaborating with IMC on:

  • Token Market Making
  • DEX and CEX Liquidity Provision
  • OTC Token Trading
  • Algorithmic Token Liquidation

Contact us

Start collaborating with IMC. Reach out to our Crypto Development team, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Marc Meuwissen - Global

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Patrick Bartschi – Europe

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Jason Zhang - Asia Pacific

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