IMC Investments

Empowering next generation entrepreneurs

IMC Investments is our new venture capital arm. This collaborative initiative connects start-ups and scale-ups with our world-class expertise and financial backing to achieve long lasting value and success.

We're looking to partner with companies active in:

  • Trading of financial instruments with a focus on derivatives
  • Technology and infrastructure that enables trading and execution
  • Trading of digital assets

We especially want to hear from those who dare to imagine how things could be: the novel trading venues and fast network infrastructure providers. The traders of Decentralized Finance and derivatives. The specialists in quantum technology, DevOps, and cloud computing.

Our investment criteria

We’re looking for partners who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo by disrupting the standard way of doing things. People who can demonstrate their commitment to their vision, and have a drive to build a successful future together.

The companies we invest in vary considerably in size and scope. A typical first investment for example can be anywhere between 500K and 10 million euro. Better still, we’re open to investing in relevant start-ups or scale-ups operating anywhere in the world.

‘Being here to stay’ is one of our core values, so if you have a bright idea and are ready for the long haul, we’d love to hear from you.

The IMC Story

Founded in 1989, IMC brings more than 30 years of financial market experience to the trading world. At the forefront of evolution, we’re proud to be one of the first firms to realize the potential of technology in a fast-evolving financial markets environment.

After starting life as two traders on the Amsterdam options exchange, today’s IMC uses advanced low-latency solutions to connect to over 90 different trading venues worldwide.

IMC Investments is a natural extension of our story. By leveraging our capital and expertise, we want to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs—the fellow innovators who share our core values, and who can look beyond the obvious to make things happen.

How we partner

We’re not here to micro-manage—it’s your company after all, so run it how you see fit. What your partnership with IMC brings is the full might of our in-house trading and technology expertise to help accelerate your business success. We can also provide liquidity on various platforms to put you ahead of the game.

Our investments

IMC Investments builds on the proven track record that IMC has attained through working with exciting young ventures in the field of trading and technology. Recent success stories of our investments include:

Take the next step

Get in touch to get things moving

Osi has been at IMC since 2005 and he is Advisor to the Board. Contact Osi to discuss investment opportunities.

Jurjen joined IMC in 2018 as Global Head of Business Strategy and with his team is deeply involved in IMC’s overall strategy and priorities as well as IMC Investments. Contact Jurjen to discuss investment opportunities.

Michiel is Managing Director Operation at our European office in Amsterdam. He joined IMC in 2007. Contact Michiel to discuss investment opportunities in Europe.

Trish has been at IMC since 2005 and is Head of Corporate Development in our Sydney office. Contact Trish for investment opportunities in Asia-Pacific.

Paul has been with IMC since 2015 as Managing Director of Business Development & Market Structure Strategy in our Chicago office.  Contact Paul for investment opportunities in the United States and Canada.

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