Prosperity, the world's most elaborate trading challenge

January, 27, 2023

‘Prosperity’ is a new global challenge in which trading firm IMC challenges students from around the world to bring the most prosperity to their virtual island. In this 10-day market simulation, contestants will combine both algorithmic and positional trading skills to bring the most prosperity to their island. The winner will become IMC Global Trading Talent of the Year, win a $25,000 tropical holiday and have an equal amount donated to The Ocean Cleanup in their name.

Learn and win

Find yourself trading wasabi roots, ukuleles and mayberries with penguins and ducks? To meet new talent, IMC has been working on Prosperity’s game mechanics, market simulation and storyline for over a year. This March the first edition will go live.Join the challenge

Participants can go to now, to join solo or in a team. Once you’ve joined, we will keep you up to date about the competition towards the launch in March. Also from this moment you can enter the dedicated wiki and Discord server to prepare yourself.

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is the largest cleanup in history. An ambitious project that aims to rid the oceans of plastic. Next to a $25,000 travel voucher for the winning team, IMC will also donate that same amount to this cause to help preserve oceans and natural habitats around the world.

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