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IMC is a global leader in options trading, using cutting edge technology to create more efficient markets.

At IMC Execution Services LLC (IMC EX), we allow our institutional clients to access competitive pricing and to trade listed options against our network of liquidity providers, including our U.S. market making affiliate, IMC Chicago, LLC (IMC Chicago).

Why trade with us

  • IMC Chicago is among the top market makers in listed options in the U.S., operating on every U.S. options exchange, both electronic and open outcry.
  • IMC EX’s focus is the listed options market; all options trades are executed on U.S. options exchanges.
  • IMC EX also facilitates trading in US ETFs and equities.
  • IMC EX provides liquidity for institutional accounts around the world, including asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds and insurance companies.
  • Our expertise enables us to provide competitive pricing, especially in Index products such as SPX, SPY, VIX, QQQ, and IWM options.

At IMC EX, all of our effort is focused on pricing. We are an efficient operation with one singular mission: sourcing quality execution for listed options and equities. When you work with IMC EX, you will receive prices directly from active liquidity providers, unencumbered by extra intermediation.

Quality Execution and Depth of Liquidity are critical. It’s essential to have immediate access to diversified liquidity providers including large market makers. This is what IMC EX does best.

Independent market makers are now the primary source of liquidity in most listed securities markets worldwide. IMC EX has access to multiple market makers, including IMC Chicago, with the technology and experience to price and trade in all conditions, including periods of heightened volatility.

IMC EX’s liquidity network interacts with a significant percentage of the total options market volume. This provides us with valuable real-time visibility into order flows and their impact on the options market. We share our differentiated insights with our clients.

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